FACE stickers now on sale!!

This is a set of a facial analysis certificate sticker(FACE sticker) and a facial analysis certificate.
The score is determined based on a facial deviation score from "40" to "70"

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In Japan, where "humble modesty" is considered a virtue, the desire to be recognized by others is sometimes seen as a bad thing.
Especially in times like these, we want to create experiences that allow people to express their true self more fully and without being unpleasant.
With this idea in mind, the profile sticker "Lucamee!!" was born.

Bring your bio to the real world

"I want to share with someone" - Show off your unique bio (profile) by Lucamee!!
"That's Lucamee!!, right?"
You don't have to talk about yourself,
Lucamee!! will be the opening for communication.

"Not everyone" can buy.

Lucamee!!’s sticker is a proof of recognition of your speciality.
"I want to be complimented by someone." Lucamee!! will be there for you.

Based on these two concepts, Lucamee!! will highlight your secret personality.